Biggy's BBQ Sauces & Marinades

Biggy's BBQ Barbecue Sauces, with their perfect blend of rich tomato and spices, were originally created by Anthony Linsday. A computer systems administrator and barbecue lover, Anthony started to introduce his first sauces in the winter of 2011. The bold flavor of the Biggy's BBQ Cranberry Sauce has grown to be the family's and neighborhood's favorite barbecue sauce.

Biggy's BBQ Barbecue Sauces are perfect for broiling, baking, grilling, dipping or as an ingredient in recipes like burgers.

Who is "Biggy"?

Biggy's story has a sad beginning, but a very happy ending. Biggums (we call him "Biggy") is an American Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He was about 2 1/2 years old when his original parents were evicted from their home. Animal control was called in a few days later and found 3 dogs in crates in the empty house: Biggy, a chihuahua, and a mastiff.

Because of his breed, he was scheduled to be put down the next week. The only reason they brought him into the rescue was because they saw how gentle he was in the crate with the chihuahua.

I was visiting family in Wilmington, NC and need some more dog food for my 2 other dogs. I didn't know that the rescues would be outside the pet store until I got there. While all the other dogs were going crazy as I walked into the store, Biggy was the only calm one. He was curled in a ball in the back of his crate, almost like he knew his fate if nobody adopted him that weekend.

I wanted to take him home that minute, but I wanted to make sure that he and my other 2 dogs would get along, so I went home and loaded them in the car to go back. Pennie went straight to Biggy's crate and they started licking each other through the bars. From that second, I know he was a perfect match!

I adopted Biggy from the rescue that day in Wilmington, NC on August 15, 2010.

Biggy has since been the most spoiled dog ever! Biggy is the face of Biggy's BBQ.


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